Nothing Is Going My Way


“Oh, what a beautiful mornin, Oh, what a beautiful day, I have a wonderful feeling, Everything’s going my way.” I don’t know about you, but as a mom of toddlers, mornings aren’t usually beautiful. Things aren’t usually going my way. Most days, my experience doesn’t line up with OKLAHOMA!’s “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin” lyrics one bit!

Nothing Is Going My Way

Whether you’re:

  • a mom facing an uncertain school year, 
  • a single waiting for a guy to notice you, or
  • a bride whose wedding plans were ruined by COVID . . .

I’m sure the same is true for you. Everything’s going my way? Not so much. 

So, a few months ago, I took the liberty of editing this song and then taught it to my toddler: “Oh, what a beautiful mornin, Oh, what a beautiful day, I have the wonderful knowledge, Everything’s going God’s way.” (Enjoy Iren’s rendition here!)

Everything Is Going God’s Way

Now this version I can sing. I have more than a feeling; I have rock-solid truth. Everything is not going my way today, but everything is going His way (Job 42:2). So I can rest.

Even in our mess, even in our waiting, even in our frustrated plans.  

  • Even during a Pandemic.
  • Despite a canceled vacation.
  • Regardless of November’s election results.

Everything is going God’s way. He is good, and all He does is good (Ps. 119:68). 

Oh, and if you prefer the original lyrics to my edited version, that’s okay too. ‘Cause, in the words of my husband to Iren one morning, 

“What if everything could go our way and everything could go God’s way? What if those were the same thing? That would mean that we want what God wants, and that would be so good! So we can sing both. Everything’s going my way, because I want what God wants.” 

May it be so. May we rest and rejoice in the fact that He is accomplishing all His purposes in our life this beautiful day (Ps. 139:6). 

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Paula (Hendricks) Marsteller is a compassionate Christian communicator.

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