12 Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

12 Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

Please tell me I’m not alone: Sometimes, we women could use a little help making our man feel loved and respected. I’ve got your back with these twelve ideas.

Five Tangible Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

  1. Let him grow that beard or wear that hideous-looking shirt. My husband currently likes a pair of sneakers that look like fruity pebbles collided with an avocado. For the record, I’m not planning to buy them for him. But I do think we women need to relax a bit and remember that our friends’ potential opinions aren’t as important as we think.
  2. Write him a sweetor alluringmessage on the bathroom mirror. Remember the early days and get creative. (Oh, and be sure to use a dry erase marker.)
  3. Bring him food. I still remember the time Trevor remarked, “You’ve turned me into one of those men. I open the fridge and think, ‘I don’t know where anything is; I need Paula.’” Score. Serve him like you would your kiddos (without cutting his food into itty bitty pieces). Make him a mini charcuterie board (as simple as crackers, cheese, and apple slices). Offer him some peanut butter M&Ms (one of our favorite snacks). Bring him a drink, unless he makes killer cocktails like my husband. In that case, put the bottles away that he leaves on the counter.
  4. Prioritize cleaning. You don’t have to clean the entire house, but what area might he especially appreciate you tending to? (If cleaning seems like your greatest nemesis, read this.
  5. Put your work aside and spend time with him. It’s too easy to rush past each other. Schedule time on your calendar if you have to. We call ours “Pig time.” (Strange, I know.)

man with beard and words "let him grow that beard or wear that hideous-looking shirt"

Seven Attitudes That Will Make a Man Feel Loved and Respected

  1. Overlook that offense. So it seemed rude. But maybe he didn’t mean it that way. Even if he did, you’ve been rude too, right? Ask God to help you be slow to anger, like He is (Prov. 19:11). 
  2. Don’t micromange him. Isn’t it great not to have your every move questioned? Give him the same gift and focus on managing yourself rather than him. 
  3. Treat him with kindness. If you don’t think he deserves it, remember God’s kindness toward you–when you were His enemy, no less (Romans 5:6-11). Also, if you’re married, remember you’re one flesh with this man. When you treat him well, you’re pampering yourself.
  4. Listen without trying to fix him. Seek to understand, know, and empathize. He’s not a project to conquer; he’s your closest neighbor. 
  5. Turn that grumble against him into a prayer. Instead of bemoaning his lack, bring it to the One overflowing with goodness, generosity, and power.
  6. If you have children, resist jealousy when he gushes over the kids. C’mon, you adore them too. Rather than wallowing in jealousy when he delights in them rather than you, choose to thank God that he loves his kids. This is a beautiful gift. His love for them doesn’t take away from his love for you.
  7. Ask God to satisfy you with His love rather than looking to your man to do so. I’ve had this Shane & Shane Psalm 90 song on repeat lately. Check it out. (And remember, asking God to satisfy you with His love won’t happen without effort on your part. Continue to zealously prioritize cultivating your friendship with Him.) 

kid sitting on bench with words "resist jealousy when he gushes over his kids"

I’d love to learn from you. What would you add to my list above?