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4 Cautions to Christians When Speaking of Hell

Title Image: "4 Cautions to Christians When Speaking of Hell"God’s Word overflows with warnings of judgment, Hell, and “the lake of fire.” As Bible-believing Christians, there’s no getting around its awful existence.

I write this post—not to debunk the doctrine of Hell—but to challenge the way you may think and speak of it. After spending hours listening to Christians, ex-evangelicals, and non-Christians share their thoughts about Hell, here are four cautions to Christians when speaking of Hell to those who don’t yet know God personally. More

Should I Leave My Unbelieving Husband?

Should I Leave My Unbelieving Husband?

Should I leave my unbelieving husband?

“Marriage is supposed to be two-as-one,” she wrote me after leaving her unbelieving husband. “But that’s not how it was for us; We were not one.”

This woman had returned to the Lord while still married, but her husband persisted in unbelief. Her statement raises an important question: Should you leave your unbelieving husband? Does oneness in marriage require that both you and your husband love Jesus? Attend church? Pray together? More

You Hardly Looked at Each Other

You Hardly Looked at Each Other

“You hardly looked at each other all week,” she observed of me and Trevor after six short days of life with us. (It was 2019, and we’d invited her to live with us as long as she needed. She’d finally filed for a year-long restraining order on her husband after thirty-four years of physical, verbal, and mental abuse.) When we opened our home to her, we invited her to freely speak into our lives about whatever she observed in our parenting or our marriage—nothing was off-limits.  More

How to Love Your Deaf Neighbor

I noticed Michelle for several reasons. In addition to her beauty and penchant for bright colors, I’d never seen her at church before, and she sat alone in the front row. When I introduced myself, I learned why Michelle sat up front: She was Deaf. She also read lips. A few weeks later, I invited Michelle to pick blueberries with me. Would we be able to communicate? I wondered with trepidation as I picked her up. More