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4 Cautions to Christians When Speaking of Hell

Title Image: "4 Cautions to Christians When Speaking of Hell"God’s Word overflows with warnings of judgment, Hell, and “the lake of fire.” As Bible-believing Christians, there’s no getting around its awful existence.

I write this post—not to debunk the doctrine of Hell—but to challenge the way you may think and speak of it. After spending hours listening to Christians, ex-evangelicals, and non-Christians share their thoughts about Hell, here are four cautions to Christians when speaking of Hell to those who don’t yet know God personally. More

The Gospel Is Never Old News

The Gospel Is Never Old News

All these headlines were breaking news at one time, but now they’re old news:

  • “Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg”
  • “ON THE MOON! And It’s ‘One Giant Leap for Mankind’”
  • “Diana Dead”

For many Christians, the gospel isn’t much different. I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, I thought of the gospel as good news for unbelievers but old news for believers. Boy, was I wrong. More

Dear New and Overwhelmed Christian

Dear New and Overwhelmed Christian

It was so good to get your email and hear that you’ve been a Christian for almost a year now:

I’ve loved it, but it is also pretty overwhelming as I am just developing as a Christian and so many things are being thrown my way. Things such as Anglican tradition, special holidays, different perspectives of the Word and Christ, ways to act as a Christian woman, you name it. More