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Pursue Your Dreams at What Cost?

Plants have a way of letting you know they need more care; families too.

Pursuing Your Dreams Comes with a Cost

I spent most of Saturday away from Trevor and the boys, and I met my ambitious goal: I finished the rough draft of my next book proposal. Sunday made it clear, however, that pursuing my dreams came with a cost. My time away had obviously taken a toll on each one of us. 

Over bowls of lentil soup, I told Trevor I won’t ask for another Saturday away unless I secure this book contract and absolutely need it. Over the next several minutes, I felt I saw an invisible load lift from his shoulders. 

In wanting to write for the world, I do not want these three to suffer. They’re my closest neighbors, and therefore the ones I should sacrifice most for. I never want a public life at the expense of my personal one. No public ministry is worth the price of my people. 

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Are You Quitting Your Dream, Then?

Does that mean I’m laying down my pen for good? Not at all. My dear writing friend recently remarked, “You’re not 22; You’re 38, and it’s time for you to write.” I’m so grateful for my husband’s continual encouragement and support to use my gifts; I would not attempt another book without this man’s loving nagging. 

However, I’m becoming more aware of his needs. I used to think he didn’t have any; that I could leave him high and dry while trying to meet everyone else’s needs. Ha. A man needs his wife. Boys need their momma. I’m seeing it more clearly than ever. 

I wonder, do you resonate with any of this? Whether it’s public ministry or success at work, what are you sacrificing to pursue your dreams? Deep connection with God? The death of friendships? Weigh the cost: Your dream at what expense? 

Continue to use your gifts, but use them with eyes wide open to your own needs and the needs of those closest to you. 



PS: I would seriously love to hear what one of your dearest dreams is. If you’re willing to share that with me, comment below or private message me here.

PPS: If you’re new here, welcome. I mentioned another book proposal in this post; you can learn more about my first book here.

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