My Conversation with a Sex Worker (Part 1)

My Conversation with a Sex Worker (Part 1)

You Want Me to Talk with a Sex Worker?

A few months ago, I received an email from Greg Sukert of Anchored North. He wanted to know if I would be willing to have a conversation with a sex worker on their new podcast, Honest Discourse, Why me? was literally my first question back to him. I’m no expert in the sex industry. 

He said their organization spent a good deal of time researching women who:

  • have written on the topic of biblical sexuality, 
  • can convey truth in love, 
  • have friendly, conversational characteristics in their spoken words. 

I was nervous, but I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to hear a sex worker’s perspective as well as to clearly articulate the gospel to her. And so I said yes, not realizing I would be speaking not just with any sex worker, but with the most successful sex worker in the U.S. (In the process, I learned that prostitutes are now called sex workers, and brothels are referred to as ranches.)

You can listen to the podcast here

My Four-Hour Conversation with Alice

My fears eased as I began to talk with Alice. While her views on intimacy are cheap and saddening, I genuinely like her. As you’ll hear in this podcast, she’s articulate and gracious. 

We spent a total of four hours together, because the audio for our first two-hour conversation was lost. Here’s what you’ll hear in our two-part conversation. In Part 1, we introduce ourselves and then respond to these five statements:

  1. Sex is the greatest pleasure in life.
  2. Sex creates a bond that is lasting and profound.
  3. Lonely singles have the right to companionship.
  4. God designed sex for marriage alone. 
  5. Sex work is good work.

Remember as you listen to this podcast that this is not a debate. If you get to the end of this podcast and ask, “Did Alice win or did Paula win,” you’ll be asking the wrong question. The whole point of this podcast was to have an authentic, loving, gospel conversation between two people with polarizing viewpoints. 

That is possible, by the way! And so needed. I pray our conversation emboldens you to get to know–and lovingly share truth–with people who seem scary because their worldview is so different from yours.

Part 2 Of “Sex Worker and Christian Author” Coming Soon

Our conversation really heats up (in a good way) in Part 2. To be sure you don’t miss it, type your email in the box to the right under “Don’t Miss a Post!” I’ll send Part 2 directly to your inbox when Anchored North releases it later this summer. 

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have talked not just with any sex worker, but specifically with Alice. Would you join me in praying for her? I sent her a note, chocolate bar, Bible, and book (The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs by Philip Ryken) after our conversations, as she told me she would read Jesus’ words. 

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